BlackStar Film Festival 2018

Team XIN had an amazing time at the BlackStar Film Festival. It was a nourishing environment of incredible filmmakers. We were so happy to be an Official Selection. On top of all that, XIN was nominated for BEST NARRATIVE SHORT! #BSFF2018

January 13 -15, 2017

We had an amazing three day shoot on "XIN." Our crew ended up being a majority of women and a few male allies filled the other positions. We are so grateful for everyone's hard word and dedication. We can't wait to get it into post-production!

"XIN" - Our short film is in pre-production!

 “Xin”, by Tina Huang, is about a woman grieving the loss of her mother. After care taking for her mother until her death, Elaine finds that she is now haunted by what could be her mother's ghost - or is it her own conscience? Though she is trying to move on with the help of her therapist, Elaine cannot seem to shake the feeling that her mother is telling her to kill her father from beyond the grave.